Our Story


Our beginning was different... We used to design, create and sell to jewelers all over the world, up until 17 years ago, we opened our first boutique in Beirut and expanded to 8 more across the region distributed across Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Egypt and the United Arab Emirates. From the Gulf region to the Middle East, Asia, Europe and the United States, the popularity of Yessayan Jewelry is a story to behold.


The Finest Expression for Style and Beauty

Having been in the business of creating masterpieces that are an epitome of elegance, beauty and perfection since 1977, Krikor and Haroutioun Yessayan have made their distinct mark in the world of fine jewelry. Their vision shone through decades and emerged in everlasting glory, and Yessayan Jewelry became regaled for its excellence in craftsmanship and design.


Conceptual Stage

From the conceptual stage to the final timeless work of art, the attention to detail given to every intricate element of the jewelry is the legacy and heritage YESSAYAN passes on to the customers. Purity of quality and unmatched expertise are some values the brand bases itself on.


Design & Craftsmanship

From the initial design to the final everlasting sparkle of a new YESSAYAN creation, a team of skilled artisans works on every detail with precision. Every gemstone is hand selected to create jewelry full of sparkle, passion, and eternal beauty.

As such, every jewelry piece created by YESSAYAN is perfect in every way, from the intricate handcrafting to the superb precious stones that crown it.



With a varied clientele, Yessayan has created pieces for heads of states, royalties, and world-renowned celebrities. We have an extensive and varied collection available at all times, as well as custom-made pieces that are bound to cater to the needs of any client.

We are also active wholesalers, participating in jewelry fairs around the world, including Switzerland, Hong Kong, UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia.



YESSAYAN earned a reputation for its intricate and stellar gemstone selection. Every diamond is hand selected for clarity, color, carat, and cut. Yessayan specializes in fancy yellow and white diamonds. We also have an extensive range of South Sea Pearls and fresh water pearl creations. Our jewelry is often focused on a central precious stone, surrounded and embellished by a sea of smaller diamonds and gemstones.



Owning a YESSAYAN creation is a commitment for life, and we promise that every piece is a masterpiece that commemorates style, passion, and pure beauty. Every customer becomes part of the YESSAYAN family.